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The Question Today is a world politics magazine aimed a global audience. Totally independent, based in Copenhagen, Europe but aimed at a worldwide audience, financed by advertising and – in time – subscriber content. For TQT a global network of interviewers will interview experts and decision makers in a Q&A-format, focusing on those issues that are precisely not news yet. In its choice of topics and interviewees the site will be truly global, truly independent, and relentlessly curious, inquisitive, and critical. QT is owned and operated by RÆSON (, an independent Danish-language journal about politics founded in 2002 which is published in both a webbased and a print edition.

Published by The Editorial Board

Clement Behrendt Kjersgaard (f.1975) startede RÆSON i 2002, er bladets udgiver og medlem af chefredaktionen. Tog studentereksamen (IB) på United World College of Hong Kong (1992-94), er MA i Filosofi, Politik og Økonomi (PPE) fra University of Oxford (1994-97) og BA i Statskundskab fra Københavns Universitet (1998-2002). Studievært på DR siden 2004; tillige kommentator og foredragsholder.